HOP means Hour of Power. 

In simple terms it is about prioritising YOU at the start of each day. It's about implementing small changes to improve your mindset, productivity and enjoyment in life. 



It's backed by science and practiced by many influential celebs and game changers in various capacities.  

For years, people like Oprah Winfrey, Robin Sharma, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, and so many others have taken advantage of their subconscious minds and the brain waves that change throughout the day and night.

HOP uses your Theta and Alpha brain waves to your advantage. It's where you'll likely find your greatest inspiration and have profound clarity! Crazy, right? 

I practised this method long before I became a mother and loved the ripple effect it had on my young, entrepreneurial self. I was innocently unaware of the impact motherhood would have on my life and found that the morning routine I was so use to was no longer practical for my new role as mum. 

I rediscovered HOP after my second child was born and I realised I had lost myself in the craziness of being a mum, wife and running a fast-paced business. 

My balance was non-existent and SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE.

I took the information and insights from the game changers who already practiced some form of HOP and customised it to fit my new mum life.

I went from worn out, tired and feeling unappreciated to getting "me" back and allowing me time to reflect on motherhood and my relationships. I also got my zest for life back. 

This is a practical and life changing method that really will improve every part of your life.

The HOP method is for everyone and all you need is a shift in your mindset.

One hour a day. 1/24. That is less than 5%. You are worthy.

By prioritising yourself, you will see positive change.

HOP won't change the tantrums, or turn your little monsters into angels but HOP will change YOUR mindset and help YOU view motherhood through positive eyes. 

You just need to give yourself permission.

So, are you ready to change your life? 

About Georg

I am a young mum of three children under 4, I've founded a multiple six figure business @winniedot from my living room while pregnant with my first child.

With a strong vision of the flexible working life I wanted to create, coupled with unwavering drive and passion, I structured my business operations to run seamlessly and focused on building an online community that now reaches 100,000's women daily.

In the 4 years since founding and growing my business and community, numerous challenges and obstacles associated with juggling business, mum life and a husband working ‘fly in fly out’ presented themselves.

Remaining resolute in my belief that you really can ‘have it all’ and acutely aware of my children’s ‘little eyes always watching’, I focused on using the HOP method for learning and self-growth to empower me during these times.

I am now on a mission to share how I did it, and how you CAN do it all too... by simply implementing HOP and teaching that by starting the day off doing the things we love and investing time into ourselves, we can manifest all that we desire and be unapologetically happy in every aspect of our lives.